MICHIKO (Michiko Yamamoto)

Food sommelier “(Michiko Yamamoto)”


Food sommelier “MICHIKO”

MICHIKO (Michiko Yamamoto)

Lecturer, nutritionist, cooking researcher, seasoning researcher, columnist, lifestyle instructor (cancer/lifestyle-related diseases), dietary education, cook, vegetable sommelier professional, seasoning sommelier professional, curry meister, rice mailer Star, Oita dried shiitake mushroom food evangelist, Environmental Chaorista, Managing Director of the Seasoning Sommelier Association, Chairman of the Seasoning Championship Judging Committee, Japan Vegetable Sommelier Association, Japan Vegetable Sommelier Association certified cooking class "Hime-tei", member of the Japan Secretary Club Association Food regimen course / J Vegan class / Cooking class / Seasoning class Food and restaurant “Hime-tei” in Toyosu


Her love for cooking grew and she moved from working as a secretary at a major company to the culinary industry. Since 2009. The themes of the activities are "food", "health" and "beauty". He is active in a wide range of fields with the aim of living a healthy and independent life both physically and mentally by realizing a comfortable diet that allows him to enjoy daily life.

As a seasoning, vegetable, spice herb, and curry professional, he is involved in lectures, lectures, corporate seminars, recipe development, introducing and criticizing seasonings, developing and writing columns, and planning and organizing events. In addition, under the guidance of doctors, we provide guidance to people suffering from lifestyle-related diseases (mainly cancer) on diet, lifestyle habits, and how to improve their immune system. He often appears on TV, radio, and magazines. We also introduce seasonings.

``Chairman of the Seasoning Championship Judging Committee'' ``Semi-vegetarian'' ``J-Veganist'' Authors include Shufunotomosha's ``The Easiest to Understand Shio Koji, Soy Sauce, and Sweet Koji'', Ai Publishing's ``Best of Japanese Seasonings'', and Gakken ``This Seasoning is Amazing! ”, Ei Publishing ``Basics of Japanese Cuisine'', Chukei Publishing ``Seasoning Notes'' and many others. Mook books include ``kidney function,'' ``spinal canal stenosis,'' ``liver function,'' ``strengthening the heart,'' ``urinary leakage,'' ``chronic headache,'' ``presbyopia,'' ``fighting heat stroke,'' ``kidney function II,'' and ``improving immunity taught by a famous doctor.'' The Strongest Secret” and many others. His mook books include ``The best recipe for brown rice and rice bran that will help you lose weight and cure diseases!'' ``Salt mandarin oranges can cure diseases!'' and many others.

MICHIKO's recommended products

This is a product created through the development cooperation of the Japan Vegetable Sommelier Association for the first time. Because seasonings are produced by seasoning sommelier/vegetable sommelier MICHIKO, we want to use only the best, carefully selected ingredients!We review vegetables and seasonings from scratch, visit producers, and multiply, add, and subtract ingredients. Sometimes we change the ingredients and repeat the taste, resulting in a masterpiece. This one ``dre sauce'' can be used for anything.

Dore sauce recipe

We are introducing delicious recipes using dore sauce!

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